Chemstore Library

A module developed to enable the user to upload, display and comprehend critical information documents relating to any chemical storage unit on their premises.

By issuing the client with a unique URL linked QR code label. A QR code is defined as “a machine readable code consisting of an array of black and white squares, typically used for storing URLs or other information for reading by a digital device such as a smartphone or tablet”. 

Each QR code created by Chempli is linked to a specific URL link on the system which stores critical information relating to their chemical storage unit such as User Manuals, Bund Test Certificates, Compliance Documentation and Design Drawings. The data is stored on a secure cloud-based AWS (Amazon Web Services) server. Access is password protected. The QR code detail is maintained by Chempli. At any point in time the user can locally or remotely access the documentation, through a standard desktop interface, laptop or through mobiles devices user their issued Chempli account details. Access from individual client accounts is limited to three authorised devices.

Each QR code generated by the system can be used to access the critical information documents by using a QR code scanner application downloaded to any mobile device.

Chempli Chemstore Library QR Code Iphone

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