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A module which provides interactive location details relating to hazardous materials on a client premises.

At onboarding stage Chemstore engineers will carry out an assessment of a client site noting key locations on each client premises. Chempli then issue an interactive pdf map of each client premises which illustrates the location of the following:

Chemical Storage Units

Parking Facilities

Assembly Points

Fire Hydrants

Site Security

Waste Disposal Designated Areas

Spill Response Stations

Safety Showers

Forklift Routes

Speed Limits

Pedestrian Walkways

Chemical Goods Inwards/Outwards

The Chemical Storage units displayed on each site map are affixed with a URL link to the Chempli system enabling the user to instantly inspect the Chemstore Library & Inventory modules for each unit on the premises. By simply clicking on the unit depiction on a site map, the user can then access. The map link to the Chempli system is also password protected. Direct access to Site Map information may be granted to emergency response teams to facilitate an efficient response in the case of an emergency or major incident.


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