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Inventory Management

A module enabling full control of inventory for chemicals, critical equipment and Personal Protective Equipment in any storage unit on users’ premises

The Chempli system allows the user to upload existing inventories or to carry out live stocktake through the user interface. The inventory Management Module is comprised of the following:


 Container Size

 Hazard Identification

 Minimum & Maximum Quantity Notifications and Limits

 CLP Labelling & Segregation

 CAS identification

 Segregation Guidelines for Chemicals

For chemicals stored on the inventory module, the user will have access to the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for each record.
The inventory module is specifically linked to the Chemstore Library via QR codes issued for each storage unit on a clients account. The URL linked QR code is designed to enable access to all data relating to each Chemstore Library on the system including “Inventory Management” data instantly by using the QR code scanner.

Chempli Inventory Management Module Laptop

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